Deliver New Speed and Efficiency to Quick-Service Restaurants

Stay Ahead of Customers’ Orders with AI

AI technology is helping quick-service restaurants (QSRs) address labor shortage and become more agile and efficient. With computer vision and speech recognition, restaurant operators can automate food ordering through AI-enabled kiosks, predict when orders will be ready, optimize staffing, and deliver meals to homes faster—creating more satisfied, brand-loyal customers.

Every single fast-food restaurant and retail store should have automated avatar agents that represent each brand to provide excellent customer service.

-  NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on a recent episode of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

Speech-Enabled Food Kiosks

Violet is an AI-powered customer service assistant ready to take your order. This NVIDIA Tokkio reference application leverages NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) to create interactive avatars that can see, perceive, converse intelligently, and provide recommendations to enhance customer service in places like restaurants.

Customers ordering at a Quick Service Restaurant.

Customer Order Analytics

Leveraging NVIDIA Metropolis to deploy intelligent video analytics (IVA) across stores and restaurants delivers the rich data and insights that help managers improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and make critical decisions faster.  

Leading QSRs are using IVA to improve queue and wait-time management, curbside pickup services, production quality and food safety, sanitation management, exterior and interior security, and consumer engagement. 

Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

NVIDIA-Certified Systems™  and NVIDIA RAPIDS data science libraries enable scientists to reduce extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations, train models faster, and Improve forecast accuracy. QSRs can run forecasts more frequently and improve forecast accuracy by as much as 20 percent to ensure they have the right products to meet customer orders.

Picture of a pizza.

GTC Sessions

GTC—the premier developer conference for the era of AI—features groundbreaking tech and news for every industry. Explore sessions for QSRs, learn how AI innovation is creating a frictionless experience for customers, and more.

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