Build Smarter Cities with AI

Turn Data into Improved Operational Efficiency and Safety

AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure, and improve public services for residents and communities. It all starts with the ability to gather data from trillions of sensors and other IoT devices and extract actionable insights through the NVIDIA Metropolis platform for Vision AI.

Faster Response Time

Process and analyze data in real time to improve operational efficiency, resource allocation, and disaster response.

Secure Deployment and Scalability

Deploy AI from the edge to the cloud with a range of appliances, from the NVIDIA® Jetson Nano handling a city’s traffic cameras, to an entire fleet of NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

Traffic Management, Infrastructure, Access Control

Public Safety

  • Disaster response
  • Anomaly detection
  • Infrastructure protection


  • Freight tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Supply forecasting

Traffic Management

  • Real time alerts
  • Incident detection
  • Speed estimation

Build with Metropolis

End-to-End Intelligent Video Analytics

End-to-End Intelligent Video Analytics

Extract valuable insights from large quantities of video and sensor data with NVIDIA Metropolis for smart cities. Build with a powerful set of software tools, including the DeepStream SDK, NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, pretrained models from the NVIDIA NGC catalog, and NVIDIA® TensorRT. Take advantage of containers to package these applications in a cloud-native format for flexible deployment that can be easily scaled out with the NVIDIA EGX platform.

AI applications

Making our Spaces Smarter with AI-Enabled Video Analytics

A new generation of AI applications is being rolled out with NVIDIA Metropolis to drive incredible operational efficiency and safety gains across a broad range of use cases. Download this free e-book to learn how NVIDIA Metropolis is helping to build smarter spaces around the world.

Deploy AI at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX platform for real-time insights.

Smart Cities Industry News and Stories


Nota Is Transforming Traffic Management Systems With AI

Nota, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, is using AI to make roadways safer and more efficient with NVIDIA’s edge GPUs and deep learning SDKs. Nota developed a real-time traffic control solution that uses image recognition technology to identify traffic volume and queues, analyze congestion, and optimize traffic signal controls at intersections.


Recycleye’s AI-Driven System Boosts Recycling Rates

Recycleye, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, looks to give recycling numbers a big boost with its AI-driven system for identifying waste materials. By automating and speeding the movement of materials through sorting systems and identifying them with more precision, Recycleye aims to significantly increase capacity for recycling companies.


Sighthound Enhances Traffic Safety with NVIDIA AI Technologies

Sighthound, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, is helping cities improve traffic management and pedestrian safety with software and hardware that bring cloud-native solutions for edge data intelligence. Cities are deploying Sighthound’s AI-enabled video detection and analytics application to make roads, intersections, and crosswalks safer and smarter.


NVIDIA Partners for Smart Cities

NVIDIA solutions for the smart cities industry go beyond products. Our partners are here to assist your organization at every level to build and execute transformative AI strategies, products, and services. 

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