Purpose-built for creating and operating Omniverse applications at data center-scale.

A Data Center Computing System for Building and Operating Virtual Worlds

Digital twins revolutionize how enterprises design, simulate, and optimize complex systems and processes. NVIDIA® OVX™ systems deliver the performance needed to create and operate real-time, physically accurate, AI-enabled metaverse worlds.

Scalable for the Most Demanding
Omniverse Workloads



As the foundational building block of OVX systems, the OVX server combines eight NVIDIA L40 GPUs and three NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 network adapters with top-of-line CPUs and super-fast NVMe storage. Together with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise, OVX delivers a scalable, end-to-end platform for connecting, building, and simulating 3D applications and virtual worlds.



OVX PODs are clusters of 4-16 OVX servers with an optimized network fabric and storage architecture to deliver unprecedented performance for the most demanding workloads. The OVX POD architecture is optimized for Omniverse at scale and enables expansion of up to a SuperPOD of 32 OVX servers—one scalable unit—without additional overhead or re-cabling.



The OVX SuperPOD architecture delivers the compute, low-latency, and networking performance required for operating massive real-time simulations at full design fidelity.

This scalable architecture enables the deployment of one or more OVX scalable units to operate AI-enabled digital twins in real time at factory, city, or planetary scale.

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The Developer Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Discover how business leaders are accelerating time-to-production and reducing costs with digital twins.

  • The Opportunity of the Industrial Metaverse

    • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, Venture Beat
    • Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO, Siemens Digital Industries Software
    • Peggy Johnson, CEO, Magic Leap
    • Rev Lebaredian, VP Simulation Technology and Omniverse Engineering, NVIDIA
    • Matthew Ball, CEO, Epyllion
    • Inga von Bibra, CIO Research & Development, Mercedes-Benz AG

    At the exact moment digital transformation needed to be accelerated, technological evolutions in AI and large scale virtual world simulation are coming together to enable the Industrial Metaverse. Hear this panel of distinguished technical leaders and industry luminaries speak on how the 3D evolution of the internet is ushering in a new era of industrial opportunity with a new class of digital twins.

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  • Making Production More Sustainable with the Industrial Metaverse

    • Cedric Neike, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO Digital Industries, Siemens AG

    Industries worldwide face countless challenges and obstacles, such as making production more efficient and sustainable, or overcoming supply-chain interruptions. The good news is that we have the technologies to solve global challenges, but we need to implement them quickly and at scale! No company or country can do this alone. Instead, we need to work in ecosystems. For over a decade, the Siemens digital twin technology has been helping companies across all industries boost their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Siemens and NVIDIA are now driving the digital transformation further by partnering to enable the industrial metaverse: photorealistic, physics-based digital twins offer enormous potential to transform our economies and industries by providing a virtual world where people can interact and collaborate to solve real-world problems.

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  • Lowe’s Builds the Fully Digitized World

    • Cheryl Friedman, Vice President, Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Lowe's
    • Mason Sheffield,  Director of Creative Technology, Lowe’s Innovation Labs,  Lowe's

    Join this session to learn how FORTUNE 50 retailer Lowe's is digitizing the built world of home improvement. From our products to our stores to our customers’ homes, Lowe's is using digital twins to create new possibilities. Whether helping customers visualize the result of their room redesign or running simulations to optimize the layout of each store, Lowe’s advancements are removing friction from home improvement.

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  • How to Build a Digital Twin: Full Design Fidelity Visualization & Aggregation of 3D Data

    • Brian Harrison, Director, Software Product Management, NVIDIA

    Start learning how to build a digital twin in NVIDIA Omniverse. Building a digital twin is a complex process and there are multiple ways to get started. In this session, we walk through a generalized example of one of the most common challenges in large scale design and digital twin projects—being able to aggregate disparate 3D datasets (ie. CAD, design, animation, or simulation) from many software ecosystems, and visualize them in full-design-fidelity with no data loss or model decimation. Learn how NVIDIA Omniverse’s connected and collaborative Universal Scene Description-based workflows can help unite and unlock your data and see examples of Omniverse Connectors and understand what questions to ask to determine which are best for your workflow. Be sure to check out "How to Build a Digital Twin: Bringing in Robotics" as a follow-up session.

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  • Customer-Driven Grocery Enabled by NVIDIA AI at Kroger

    • Azita Martin, VP & GM Artificial Intelligence for Retail and CPG, NVIDIA
    • Wesley Rhodes, VP of Technology Transformation and R&D, Kroger

    Kroger and NVIDIA embarked on a strategic collaboration earlier this year to re-imagine the shopping experience using AI-enabled applications and services. Join Wes Rhodes, Kroger’s VP of technology transformation and R&D, for a fireside chat on the progress his team has made in the fields of digital twin, AI, and Omniverse Avatar. These technologies and more are being adopted at Kroger in the service of improving customer focus experience while delivering value to Kroger’s bottom line.

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NVIDIA Extends Omniverse to Scientific Computing

Omniverse now connects to leading scientific computing visualization software and supports new batch rendering workloads on systems powered by NVIDIA A100 and H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Lockheed Martin, NVIDIA to Help Speed Climate Data to Researchers

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) selects Lockheed Martin and NVIDIA to build a system to output complex visualizations from the latest climate data to researchers in 10 minutes or less with NVIDIA Omniverse.

Oregon State University to Receive NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and OVX SuperPOD Clusters

The Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex will house a supercomputer powerful enough to train the largest AI models and perform complex digital twin simulations.

NVIDIA and Siemens Expand Partnership to Build Autonomous Factories

Siemens is using the new NVIDIA IGX platform with NVIDIA Metropolis to provide advanced perception for safe and secure industrial-edge AI.

Siemens and NVIDIA Partner to Build Industrial Metaverse

Connecting the Siemens Xcelerator ecosystem with NVIDIA Omniverse’s AI-enabled, physically accurate simulation engine enables a new era of industrial automation.

Discover the Benefits

Large-Scale Digital Twins Simulations

Optimized infrastructure for digital twins.

NVIDIA OVX combines high-performance GPU-accelerated compute, graphics, and AI with the high-speed, low-latency networking required to power massively complex 3D virtual worlds and digital twins.

Scale the Most Demanding Workloads

High-performance, Scalable Architecture.

The OVX architecture delivers unmatched performance and scalability with an optimized network fabric to power the most demanding workloads.

Integrated Hardware and Software

Integrated hardware and software.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise combined with OVX delivers a scalable, integrated hardware and software platform to build and operate virtual worlds and accelerate workflows at any scale. Coming soon to NVIDIA Launchpad

Comprehensive Enterprise-Grade Support

Enterprise-grade support.

NVIDIA OVX solutions are NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, tested and validated to provide performance, manageability, security, and scalability. Comprehensive enterprise-grade support for OVX solutions and Omniverse software is provided jointly by NVIDIA and systems builders.

Virtual World Building and Digital Twin Simulation for the Enterprise

Whether creating vast imagined worlds, simulating complex environments, or automating next-generation factories, Omniverse Enterprise is transforming the way companies design and simulate across architecture, engineering, construction and operations, media and entertainment, and manufacturing.

Virtual World Building and Digital Twin Simulation for the Enterprise

Connect and Build Custom 3D Pipelines

Built on Universal Scene Description (USD), NVIDIA Omniverse brings seamless collaboration and enhanced performance to existing 3D workflows. Unlock full-design-fidelity, real-time virtual worlds.

Simulate Virtual Worlds

Large-scale simulations of virtual worlds will enable the next era of AI and industry. Physically accurate virtual worlds serve as the training, testing, and validation grounds of robots and self-driving cars. When virtual worlds are connected to the physical world in perfect synchronization, a digital twin is born.

See OVX in Action

See How Deutsche Bahn is Using Siemens Xcelerator and Omniverse

To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, German national railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, is building autonomous railway networks and trains to maximize efficiency of existing railroad capacity for the transport of goods and passengers.

Optimizing Factory Design with NVIDIA cuOpt and Isaac Sim

See how NVIDIA cuOpt and Isaac Sim, powered by Omniverse and OVX, accelerate logistics workflows like factory layout optimization and AMR fleet training.

The NVIDIA OVX platform will provide the performance and scale needed for Omniverse simulations that will allow us to more quickly and accurately predict the intensity and progress of wildfires and optimize response efforts to mitigate their damaging impacts.  

— Justin Taylor | VP of Artificial Intelligence | Lockheed Martin

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In our current project, NVIDIA OVX will provide the scale, performance and compute capabilities that we need to generate data for intensive machine learning development and operate these highly complex simulations and scenarios.  

— Annika Hundertmark | Head of Railway Digitization | Deutsche Bahn

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