Advanced functional safety and security for edge AI.

NVIDIA IGX is an industrial-grade edge AI platform that delivers high performance, advanced functional safety, and security. Purpose-built for industrial and medical environments, IGX enables organizations to confidentially deliver AI safely and securely to support human and machine collaboration.

Designed for industrial edge AI.

High-performance and energy-efficient systems


High-performance and energy-efficient systems built for low-latency, real-time applications

Proactive Safety in Autonomous Environments

The reassurance of functional safety.

Built-in safety extensions to deliver proactive safety in autonomous environments

End-to-End Security

Robust security, from end to end.

The latest in embedded device security, remote provisioning, and management

Long-Term Support

Peace of mind with long-term support.

Long life hardware and software support to ensure product longevity

Deploy performance, safety, and security for the edge.

Taking lessons learned from autonomous driving, NVIDIA IGX brings powerful, safe, and secure compute, networking and software capabilities to industrial automation and medical devices.The IGX platform includes drivers for commercial OS, a safety extension package to program safety functions on the system, and long-term enterprise support for the entire stack.

Advanced functional safety and security for edge AI

Get high performance in industrial-grade systems.

NVIDIA IGX Orin is designed to deliver ultra-fast performance in the size and power envelope needed for the edge. Powered by the world’s most powerful AI computer for energy-efficient autonomous machines with 275 tera operations per second (TOPS) of AI performance, IGX Orin also includes an NVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 smart network interface card (SmartNIC) for precision timing and advanced security.

It also includes remote provisioning and management, built in functional safety island and safety microcontroller unit (sMCU) that can be programmed through software extensions to deliver proactive safety in autonomous environments. NVIDIA IGX is safe and secure by design.

Rely on enterprise-class software and long-term support.

NVIDIA will provide 10-year support for the IGX software stack, as well as documentation to support industrial and medical certifications. The core of the IGX stack includes a Linux board support package for the IGX hardware, drivers for supported input/output (IO) devices, NVIDIA AI inference and acceleration libraries, and reference applications. Customer-specific software components and applications can be added at the top of the IGX core stack.

IGX will also include a board management controller (BMC) and software stack for remote system management and software updates, a secure boot controller that provides external root of trust, and a dedicated safety monitor that supports a real-time operating system (RTOS) and built-in safety monitoring software.

Create safe, secure systems across industries.

NVIDIA AI in Manufacturing

Accelerate industrial automation.

In the agile, automated, and safe factory of the future, humans and robots will work side by side, improving not only efficiency but also safety. NVIDIA Metropolis running on NVIDIA IGX turns the entire factory into an intelligent space, leveraging insight from all the available sensor data.

Deploy next-generation medical devices.

Intelligent machines augment the work of doctors, nurses, and surgeons in smart hospitals, using AI to enable better patient outcomes. NVIDIA Clara™ Holoscan running on NVIDIA IGX delivers real-time AI at the clinical edge and positions developers to quickly take to market the next generation of AI-enabled medical devices.

AI Computing Platform for Medical Devices

See what our partners are saying.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA to speed digital transformation, Siemens will bring IGX technologies to our industrial compute portfolio to help reduce repetitive tasks in the factory and better support workers. By more closely connecting smart devices on the factory floor and using that data for intelligent machine operation in production, we can increase efficiency and flexibility for our customers.

— Rainer Brehm, CEO, Factory Automation, Siemens

As factories strive for increased overall equipment effectiveness and reduced process downtime, Orin IGX and Ubuntu deliver the perfect combination of high performance, built-in functional safety, end-to-end security and long-term support. By delivering proactive safety in regulated environments, we can now predict machine failure based on vibrations before they happen. With proactive part replacement and by preventing downtime, we are bringing the future of industrial automation forward.

— Edoardo Barbieri, Product Manager, Canonical

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan will help us optimize precious engineering resources and go to market faster. With Clara Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX, we envision that our intraoperative AI solution will transform the collective surgical experience with data-driven insights, helping make world-class surgery accessible for all.

— Tom Calef, Chief Technology Officer, Activ Surgical

Organizations, in almost every industry, are rapidly entering a new era where intelligent and autonomous machines are directly interacting with humans. We are working with NVIDIA to bring the best cloud-native practices and techniques to the edge where data from an array of sensors and cameras has to be acted upon, effectively helping customers close the chasm between traditional enterprise IT systems and functionally safe OT systems.

— Kris Murphy, computational infrastructure team lead at Red Hat

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