The NVIDIA L40, powered by the Ada Lovelace architecture, delivers revolutionary neural graphics, virtualization, compute, and AI capabilities for GPU-accelerated data center workloads.

Scalable multi-workload performance.

Next-Generation Graphics

Next-Generation Graphics

The NVIDIA L40 brings the highest level of power and performance for visual computing workloads in the data center. Third-generation RT Cores and industry-leading 48 GB of GDDR6 memory deliver up to twice the real-time ray-tracing performance of the previous generation to accelerate high-fidelity creative workflows, including real-time, full-fidelity, interactive rendering, 3D design, video streaming, and virtual production.

Deep learning and inference applications

Powerful Compute and AI

The NVIDIA L40 includes groundbreaking features to accelerate a wide range of compute-intensive workloads running in the data center, including training, inferencing, data science, and graphics applications. The latest fourth-generation Tensor Cores deliver enhanced AI capabilities to accelerate visual computing workloads and deliver groundbreaking performance for deep learning and inference applications.

Designed for 24x7 enterprise data center operations

Data Center-Ready

The NVIDIA L40 is designed for 24x7 enterprise data center operations and optimized to deploy at scale. With enterprise-grade components, power-efficient hardware, and features like secure boot with internal root of trust, the L40 delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability for data center workloads. Packaged in a dual-slot power-efficient design, the L40 is available in a wide variety of NVIDIA-Certified Systems from the leading OEM partners.

Built to perform, whatever the demand.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

As the engine of NVIDIA Omniverse in the data center, the NVIDIA L40 brings powerful RTX and AI capabilities to power workloads like extended (XR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, design collaboration, and digital twins. For the most complex Omniverse workloads, the NVIDIA L40 enables accelerated ray-traced and path-traced rendering of materials, physically-accurate simulations, and generating photorealistic 3D synthetic data.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise
3D visualization applications with NVIDIA L40

Rendering and 3D Graphics

Running professional 3D visualization applications with NVIDIA L40 enables creative professionals to iterate more, render faster, and unlock tremendous performance advantages that increase productivity and speed up project completion. Artists and designers can work in real-time with complex geometry and high-resolution textures to generate photorealistic designs and simulations and power high-fidelity creative workflows.

High-Performance Virtual Workstations

When combined with NVIDIA RTX™ Virtual Workstation (vWS) software*, the NVIDIA L40 delivers  powerful virtual workstations from the data center or cloud to any device. Millions of creative and technical professionals can access the most demanding applications from anywhere with awe-inspiring performance that rivals physical workstations—all while meeting the need for greater security.

Powerful Workstation Performance from Anywhere
Platform for single-GPU AI training and development

AI Training and Data Science

Powerful training and inference performance, combined with enterprise-class stability and reliability, make the NVIDIA L40 the ideal platform for single-GPU AI training and development. The NVIDIA L40 reduces the time to completion for model training and development and data science data prep workflows by delivering higher throughput and support for a full range of precisions, including FP8.

Streaming and Video Content

The NVIDIA L40 takes streaming and video content workloads to the next level with three video encode and three video decode engines. With the addition of AV1 encoding, the L40 delivers breakthrough performance and improved TCO for broadcast streaming, video production, and transcription workflows.

Streaming and Video Content


GPU Architecture NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture
GPU Memory 48 GB GDDR6 with ECC
Display Connectors 4 x DP 1.4a
Max Power Consumption 300W
Form Factor 4.4" (H) x 10.5" (L) Dual Slot
Thermal Passive
vGPU Software Support* NVIDIA vPC/vApps, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)
NVENC | NVDEC 3x | 3x (Includes AV1 Encode & Decode)
Secure Boot with Root of Trust Yes
NEBS Ready Yes / Level 3
Power Connector 1x PCIe CEM5 16-pin

Powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

CUDA® Cores

Accelerated single precision floating point (FP32) throughput and improved power efficiency provide significant performance improvements for workflows like 3D model development and CAE simulation. Supports enhanced 16-bit math capabilities (BF16) for mixed precision workloads.

Third-Generation RT Cores

Enhanced throughput and concurrent ray tracing and shading capabilities improve ray tracing performance, accelerating renders for product design and architecture, engineering, and construction workflows. See lifelike designs in action with hardware accelerated motion blur to deliver stunning real-time animations.

Fourth Generation Tensor Cores

Hardware support for structural sparsity and optimized TF32 format provides out of the box performance gains for faster AI and data science model training. Accelerate AI-enhanced graphics capabilities including DLSS, delivering upscaled resolution with better performance in select applications.

48GB of GPU Memory

Tackle memory-intensive applications and workloads, like data science, simulation, 3D modeling, and rendering, with 48GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory. Allocate memory to multiple users with vGPU software to distribute large workloads amongst creative, data science, and design teams.


Next-generation improvements with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software* allow for larger, more powerful virtual workstation instances for remote users, enabling larger workflows for high-end design, AI, and compute workloads.

*Support for NVIDIA Virtual GPU software coming Early 2023

PCI Express Gen 4

Support for PCI Express Gen 4 provides double the bandwidth of PCIe Gen 3, improving data transfer speeds from CPU memory for data-intensive tasks like AI and data science.

Data Center Efficiency and Security

The NVIDIA L40 is optimized for 24x7 enterprise data center operations and is designed, built, extensively tested, and supported by NVIDIA to ensure maximum performance, durability, and uptime. The L40 GPU is passively cooled with a full-height, full-length (FHFL) dual-slot design capable of 300W maximum board power and fits in a wide variety of chassis configurations from leading OEM vendors. The NVIDIA L40 meets the latest data center standards, is NEBS Level 3 ready, and features Secure Boot with Root of Trust technology, providing an additional layer of security for data centers.


NVIDIA L40 is the foundation of the latest generation NVIDIA OVX systems, delivering the most advanced RTX and AI capabilities to power the creation and operation of immersive, photorealistic 3D models and simulations.

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