NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager

Cluster Management Software for Industrial HPC

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager offers fast deployment and end-to-end management for heterogeneous high-performance computing (HPC) and AI server clusters at the edge, in the data center, and in multi/hybrid-cloud environments. It automates provisioning and administration for clusters ranging in size from a couple of nodes to hundreds of thousands, supports CPU-based and NVIDIA GPU-accelerated systems, and enables orchestration with Kubernetes.

Quickly Build and Manage Heterogeneous Clusters

Managed with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager

Automates the Building and Management of Clusters

Heterogeneous high-performance Linux clusters can be quickly built and managed with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager, supporting HPC, machine learning, and analytics applications that span from core to edge to cloud.

Ideal for heterogeneous environments

Cross-Platform and Optimized for Accelerated Computing

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager is ideal for heterogeneous environments, supporting Arm® and x86-based CPU nodes, and is fully optimized for accelerated computing with NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA DGX systems.

Management Software that is Proven and Supported

Management Software that is Proven and Supported

With thousands of deployments and enterprise support, NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager is an ideal choice for deploying and managing HPC and AI clusters in production environments.

Automate the Building and Managing of Linux Clusters, from Edge to Core to Cloud


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