Omniverse for Game Development

NVIDIA Omniverse is a game-changing platform built for collaboration and real-time photorealistic simulation. Game developers can now maximize productivity, enhance communication, and boost innovation while collaborating on the same 3D model from anywhere.

Enhancing Game Development

To satisfy gamers' expectations for enormous, immersive worlds, global teams of artists must build massive libraries of 3D content. This is both labor intensive and expensive, and the process becomes more challenging when incorporating realistic lighting, life-like physics, and optimal game performance with AI is taken into account.

NVIDIA Omniverse addresses these challenges and helps game developers build photorealistic, physically-accurate games with record speed by unifying artists, their assets, and software tools in one powerful platform.

Minecraft Outtake

Accelerating Game Developer Workloads at Any Scale

Collaborate Seamlessly

Seamless Collaboration

Now, massive game development teams can be unified on a single, interactive platform—even when simultaneously working with different software applications—to rapidly develop scenes, characters, textures, or environments in real-time.


Design to Ray-Traced in One Click

Teams can produce beautiful, physically accurate visuals with less effort—no data prep or model decimation needed.

Iterate Faster

Faster Time to Approvals

Iterate quickly and explore more designs with the ability to export RTX ray-traced models. Teams, clients, and contractors can view the high-fidelity model on any device, anywhere.

Game development content pipelines are complex and require us to use the best aspects of multiple applications.

By adopting Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD), we will leverage universal asset and application interoperability across our tools to accelerate time to production and optimize our workflows.

— Takeshi Aramaki | Studio Head & VP | Luminous


Transforming Game Development Content Creation

NVIDIA Omniverse helps to iterate on virtual world ideas with real time graphics and physics simulation

Bring Games to Market Faster

Create and iterate on virtual worlds at the speed of light, all while using your favorite design tools and engines such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Epic Games Unreal Engine. Omniverse enables live-sync collaborative workflows meaning artists, designers and developers can iterate on characters, textures, and environments simultaneously, in real time for faster review cycles.

 Digital Asset Management Libraries Accelerated by AI

Manage Expansive Asset Libraries

AAA game studios have extremely large asset catalogs that have been built up over years and will continue to grow. The Omniverse platform's AI and advanced rendering capabilities allow developers to search through thousands of assets, saving precious time for artists on tight deadlines.

Omniverse Machinima Redefines Video Game Storytelling

Redefine Video Game Storytelling

With AI-powered animation, true real-time ray and path-traced rendering, and advanced simulation, Omniverse Machinima helps redefine storytelling. The application enables game developers to remix, recreate, and redefine animated video game storytelling through the use of immersive visualization, collaborative design, and photorealistic rendering.

Easily Animate 3D Character Faces From Voice Recordings With Omniverse Audio2Face

Simplify 3D Character Animation

With Omniverse Audio2Face, game developers can match any voice-over track with in-game characters. This can be done in real time, or baked, and allows for breathtaking and life-like facial animations. 


Applications and Connectors for Game Development

Omniverse offers purpose-built applications for game development workflows, including Omniverse Create, Omniverse Audio2Face, Omniverse Machinima, and Omniverse View. Industry professionals can use Omniverse View with third-party applications connected to the platform via Omniverse Connectors.


NVIDIA Omniverse Create


NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2face


NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima


NVIDIA Omniverse View

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Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max


SideFX Houdini

SideFX Houdini
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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop



Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya


Substance 3D Materials

Substance 3D Materials

Reallusion Character Creator

Reallusion Character Creator

Autodesk Motion Builder

Autodesk MotionBuilder
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Epic Games Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games Unreal Engine 4

NVIDIA Omniverse Create  

Omniverse Create is an application that accelerates advanced scene composition and allows users to interactively assemble, light, simulate, and render scenes in Pixar USD in real-time.

Game artists can now build complex, physically accurate, real-time simulations of game environments in a photorealistic setting.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Create

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face 

Omniverse Audio2Face is an AI-powered application that generates expressive facial animation from just an audio source.

Audio2Face simplifies animation of a 3D character to match any voice-over track for game characters. You can use the app for interactive real-time applications or as a traditional facial animation authoring tool. Run the results live or bake them out, it’s up to you.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face

NVIDIA Omniverse View  

Omniverse View is a simple, powerful visualization application for reviewing 3D design projects in stunning, physically-accurate photorealism.

This will enable studio and project leads to visualize full game assets, speeding up review cycles.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse View

NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima 

Omniverse Machinima enables users to collaborate in real-time to animate and manipulate characters, along with their environments, inside of virtual worlds.

This allows everyone - from gamers to studio specialists -to create game cinematics with full creative control like never before.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima

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Omniverse Enterprise transforms complex design workflows for organizations of any scale. It enables real-time collaboration with multiple users and locations, using multiple applications using centralized project data.

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