NVIDIA Data Science Workbench

Productivity for Data Science Workstations

Master Your Data Science Environment

Simplify your data science development environment and maximize productivity with NVIDIA® Data Science Workbench. Workbench puts key assets, like containers from the NVIDIA NGC catalog, automatic software updates, and dockerized GitHub content, within a click’s reach. Finally, users have fast and convenient access to a plethora of data science tools. Easily reproduce content, access containerized solutions, utilize multiple CLIs, get news and events and more.


Features and Benefits

NVIDIA Data Science Workbench improves manageability, reproducibility, and usability for data scientists, data engineers, and AI developers, and is easily pip-installed, ensuring that you have the latest GPU-optimized software for workstations. Assets for developers are easily accessed and updates happen over-the-air.

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Easier Manageability

Easier Manageability

  • Effortlessly manage your data science software environment
  • Auto-install and manage software stack versions
  • Access the best GPU-optimized frameworks for maximum productivity
  • Automatically stay current on blogs, news, and events via a curated RSS feed
Greater Reproducibility

Greater Reproducibility

  • Easily dockerize GitHub content for experimentation
  • Quickly reproduce assets for your Jupyter environment
  • Build models faster from state-of-the-art examples.
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

  • Notify and one-click install NGC containers, DSS, CUDA-X, and drivers
  • Single-click to Jupyter notebook and key software assets
  • Get AWS, NGC, Kaggle, and DSS CLIs for advanced local and remote clustered use cases

How To Get Started

Increase AI productivity and simplify your data science software environment today with NVIDIA Data Science Workbench. NVIDIA-Certified workstations are recommended for data science workloads.