Command Your Edge Fleet

Securely deploy, manage, and scale AI at the edge with NVIDIA Fleet Command.

Experience Secure Edge Management

Streamline the provisioning and deployment of systems and AI applications at the edge with NVIDIA Fleet Command. A managed platform for container orchestration,  it simplifies the management of distributed computing environments with the scale and resiliency of the cloud, turning every site into a secure, intelligent location.


Purpose-Built for AI

  • Turnkey AI Orchestration
  • Layered Security
  • Global Scale
  • AI Ecosystem

Fully operational in minutes instead of weeks, NVIDIA Fleet Command is optimized to deliver AI applications at the edge simply and securely. New devices are provisioned in minutes, new deployments are created in just a few clicks, and administrators of any skill level can manage and monitor their entire edge fleet, making it the fastest and easiest way to deploy and manage AI at the edge.

How to Remotely Operate Systems and Applications at the Edge

Easily troubleshoot systems and applications with remote management features on Fleet Command.

How to Use Remote Management on Fleet Command

Remotely accessing systems and applications on Fleet Command is easy. Check out how in this short demo.

NVIDIA Fleet Command is secure by design, built on a zero-trust architecture with layered security designed for edge environments, including a private application registry, data encryption in transit and at rest, and secure and measured boot. It also provides ongoing managed security with constant monitoring and automated bug fixes and patches, reducing the need for costly specialized staff to build and maintain these features.

Edge Computing: Considerations for Security Architects

Learn what organizations should keep in mind when securing AI models at the edge and incorporating edge computing into their strategy.

NVIDIA Fleet Command seamlessly scales AI across thousands of distributed locations, turning every site into an intelligent location. Users centrally manage applications and systems with remote system provisioning, over-the-air updates, remote application and system access, monitoring and alerting, as well as system and application logging—allowing IT to ensure these widely distributed environments are operational at all times.

Managing and Scaling AI Deployments at the Edge

With Fleet Command, KION Group is securely organizing their applications, servers, and software deployments from anywhere, at any time.

How to Run Multiple Applications on the Same Edge Device

Partition GPUs to give dedicated resources to applications at the edge with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) on Fleet Command.

How to Use Multi-Instance GPU on Fleet Command

Using MIG on Fleet Command is easy. Check out how to bring GPU resources to every application in this short demo.

NVIDIA Fleet Command leverages a broad catalog of ready-to-deploy partner applications to provide easy access to AI use cases for virtually every industry. It integrates into a robust set of enterprise AI tools to create a secure end-to-end platform for edge AI that’s capable of operating in any environment.

How Edge AI Is Powering a Safer, Smarter World

NVIDIA is partnering with IronYun to help make the world a smarter, safer, more efficient place with edge AI.

End-to-End AI with NVIDIA Solutions

See how NVIDIA solutions—NVIDIA Base Command, Fleet Command, and NVIDIA TAO—work together to create an intelligent video analytics application for retail.

How It Works

After a system is installed at the edge, it’s easily connected to the Fleet Command cloud platform. From a central plane, users manage the entire end-to-end lifecycle of their edge deployments. Thousands of systems can be connected, and any custom AI application can be deployed across the entire fleet in minutes. 

Monitor deployments with custom dashboards, update applications in just a few clicks, and troubleshoot issues with remote access to systems and applications—all with Fleet Command.

Fleet Command turns every site into an intelligent location, powering edge AI workloads across every industry.

Fleet Command turns every site into an intelligent location, powering edge AI workloads across every industry.

Explore Success Stories


NVIDIA Fleet Command is a simple way for us to scale our applications from one or two cameras in a POC to thousands of cameras in a production deployment.

— Paul Sun, CEO, IronYun


Powering Intelligent Video Analytics

NVIDIA is partnering with IronYun to power the smart space revolution, bringing AI to retailers, banks, NFL stadiums, factories, and more.


Adding AI to Video Management

Milestone has tapped NVIDIA to help modernize camera systems by bringing NVIDIA AI video analytics to existing camera infrastructure. 


Bringing MLOps to the Edge

Fleet Command is integrated into the Domino Data Lab Enterprise MLOps Platform to provide a seamless workflow from development to deployment.


Building Smarter, Safer Spaces

Advanced video analytics and NVIDIA Metropolis have been combined with Fleet Command to transform our world through smarter, safer spaces.

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Watch a Demo

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